Must know facts before buying diamond rings

Buying a diamond ring (or any piece of jewellery) is an expensive endeavour. A wedding ring is to stay with you for a lifetime, so it is extremely important that you make the right choice. Your hard earned money should be well spent and here are tips that can be used while or before buying a diamond ring.

  • Pick your jeweller after good research if you opt for a local one (preferred). If you choose a renowned jeweller then confirm the cuts and clarity grades that the jeweller has to offer.

  • Confirm the ring size. This is key, sometimes people get into details and forget about the basics ending up in getting a ring that doesn’t fit.

  • Don’t break the bank, set your budget before you walk into a store. If you haven’t set a budget, chances are that you will spend more than what you have.

  • Learn all about the 4 Cs: Carat, Cut, Colour, Clarity.

  • Understand the different diamond shapes and cuts and the differences between them. If you are buying for your better half, getting an insight of what they may like is going to help.

  • Decide the metal you are going to choose for the band of the diamond ring - some people can be allergic to certain metals - so be wary of any such details.

  • Decide if you want to opt for a 4 or a 6 prong setting - this is for those who are particular.

  • If you opt for side stones then decide which stone you want and its setting, as this can make a considerable contribution to the aesthetics and price.

  • Check the diamond in different lighting. Jewellery stores usually have it in best lighting, it may be a good idea to take it outside and see how it looks in natural light.

  • Ask for grading certificates of the centre stone and the side stones if you opt for them. Also, check the hallmarks on the band. The certificate also assures authenticity and most of them can be verified online.

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